Intelligent Cruiser – Is It Out of Date?

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Looking at forums and blogs recently, I’ve seen several posts that suggest that the Intelligent Cruiser book is out of date and I’d like to address that.

First of all, most of the ideas in the book simply do not go out of date because the cruise lines still are setup the same way. Alcohol on board is still expensive, internet and phone calls are expensive, the cruise lines make money on any additional sales that you make whilst on board – whether it be for jewelry or photographs, etc. They also do a nice trade with any excursions on their route. I’ve just mentioned a few things here.

It has been refreshing for me to read the Intelligent Cruiser 2012 because this insider knowledge certainly can help you save costs and cost savings are to be had from booking the cruise, airfare, whilst you are actually onboard and on any excursions. There are little hidden gems that many people can benefit from.
Secondly, the book has been updated in 2012. I know this because the author, David Kirkland, emailed me about it and the fact that he is still doing updates on a regular basis and even adding new sections to the book. This is very encouraging and makes you realize that David is making a continuous effect to give you up to date information and add value to his books.

2012 Intelligent Cruiser Up To Date Review

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I thought you would enjoy a more in depth review of the Intelligent Cruiser e book. I have taken the time to list the contents of the ebooks and to add some descriptions so you have a better idea what you will get if you purchase the book. In fact if you Click Here Now you will get a brand new discounted price!

First of all, you don’t get just one book – in fact you get three plus huge bonus reports! The author has done a great job breaking this down to:
1. Cruise Savings Guide
2. Spoil Yourself with VIP Treatment
3. Truth Exposed
4. Bonus: 12 reports you’ll be ecstatic about – more later

Cruise Savings Guide
Here you will find 22 pages filled with tips how to save money on your cruise. These range from opening your wallet too often and unnecessarily to what expenses you will be faced with. He goes into great detail to help you save as much as possible and to avoid spending unnecessarily. I’d say this is a basic ‘must read’ to get an idea just how things work on board a cruise ship. Here you’ll find tips about savings on coffee and cake treats to foreign exchange so be prepared to learn a lot.

Spoil Yourself with VIP Treatment

Cruise lines do have VIP passengers and you will discover how you can reach this status too – he gives actual examples. He also goes into tipping and how and when to do it so that you gain the most advantage – this little pearl of advice is SO important and can simply change your cruise experience for the better at once.

Click Here to go to the Intelligent Cruiser website.

Truth Exposed
These are the true ‘insider secrets’ that can help you change your cruise experience from mediocre to really great. This report goes into detail about shore excursions, when and where to shop as well as how to get the best bargain. Not only this but you will learn how to save even more money, tips so you enjoy your shore excursion and get the best value and even a list of top beaches. A must read before you book any excursions.

The Amazing Bonuses
These are incredible and definitely worth reading. They range from a personal description of the author’s life aboard a cruise ship to preventing luggage theft. There are great tips on how to book the best cruise for the least amount of money, even great packing tips and how to protect your travel documents. There’s also a great one how to get free air travel and how to track your miles. How to obtain cabin upgrades is also something you need to know, let alone free flowers! I haven’t even mentioned any ideas from the other 6 pdfs but I want you to enjoy the surprises in store for you!

As you can see, this is very impressive and definitely worth the money. In fact, considering the price, this is a steal when you realize how much you can save on your cruise and even more importantly, great tips and advice about the whole cruising process.

Click Here to read more about the Intelligent Cruiser e book on their website.

6 Important Tips For A Better Cruising Experience

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If you are thinking of going on a cruise, it would be a good idea to consider your options even before you book your cruise.
The internet is full of cruise tips and tricks about cruising and it is important to look through those as it could open your eyes to many things that could be very helpful to you on your cruise, not only money saving tips but also tips to make your whole cruising experience more enjoyable.
Tip 1:
Do extensive research before you book your cruise. This can mean checking out cruise lines, checking out reviews of the cruise ship and their destinations you are considering. The internet can really help you here.
Tip 2:
Visit a Cruise Travel Agency. Even if you don’t want to go this route, these places offer great deals and more important, great advice. They know what they are talking about. Let them help you with their knowledge. You do not have to commit and even if they offer you a great deal, you can always go home and check online to see if there’s a better one.
Tip 3:
The cruise line will give you a list of important documents you need for the trip. This might include valid passport, innoculations, travel insurance, possible cruise insurance, cruise ticket, any tickets for ports you are visiting and going on an outing, etc.
Tip 4:
Check if you have all your travel documents and that they are up to date. Put them in a safe place together with your cruise ship package, including ticket. An empty drawer is ideal for this. Once you have determined where in your home these documents will be, you can always add to them – for example put your address book on the same pile if you plan on sending postcards. Little things you might think of then always have the ‘cruise space’. If you remember you want to take your underwater camera, put it in the cruise space. You will find over the span of a couple of weeks, you will have accumulated quite the stash and will be much more prepared. You can even put a To Do For The Cruise List there which you can add to when you think of something. If you think you might get seasick, for example, go add seasick pills to the stash.
Tip 5:
Did you know that most cruise ships have webcams where you can see what’s going on on your ship as well as a port webcam so you can do the same at your points of call. This tip can give you real insight into the cruising experience you are likely to have and you can get a ‘feel’ of the cruise ship. The same applies to different pot webcams. Here you can see a first glimpse of what you will experience when the ship docks.
Tip 6:
When you get onboard, check out your cabin and its facilities before you go wandering about the ship. The ship will be your home for several days to several weeks – you will have ample time to familiarize yourself. It’s important to get the ship’s layout in your head so you do not waste time looking for something and getting lost. For now you need to know exactly where your cabin is and how to get to it and then do the same for the dining room as you will be going there regularly too.
Then start making your own list of ideas you can think of to help you get the very best out of your cruise! If you want more tips click here

The Intelligent Cruiser No-Nonsense Review

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Note: this is a review of Intelligent Cruiser e book, Click Here to visit the Intelligent Cruiser website.

Why am I writing this? Well, when I first decided to buy the Intelligent Cruiser e book, there weren’t all that many real reviews around so I thought I would write one so as to help anyone who was considering buying it.

But be warned as I’ll be reviewing both the good and the bad points of this book, so if that’s something you’d rather not hear, then it’s OK to leave now…

On to the review. the Intelligent Cruiser e book does give you a lot of information that you most certainly can use. On the other hand, it is true that if cruising is a big part of your life, you will probably know quite a few of the ideas mentioned but probably not all of them.

This e book isn’t just common sense though, you can really see that this is information the author has gathered when he was a cruise ship’s officer for many years. So he is more or less seeing it from the ‘other side’ – being a cruise ship’s employee. I found that really interesting because obviously a ship’s officer will know, for example, when passengers are paying too high prices.

Especially if you are taking your first cruise, then I would definitely recommend this e book. Not only does it give you a whole lot of tips and advice, but it does help you with unnecessary spending on board – and also in ports of call.

It takes you by the hand and shows you how to maximize your cruising vacations, not only reducing the cost of your cruise trip but making your cruising even more pleasurable.

Click Here to visit the Intelligent Cruiser website.

There is a section in the book about VIP treatment and I did enjoy this section. The author describes various techniques that could enable you to get the very best out of your cruise. This also includes excursions when you visit different ports, where you do get advice that could save you lots of money. You get some good shopping advice too.

Having said that, this information can be found online. The thing is you need time to do the research as it’s most definitely not in one place as it is in the e book. This is true of most e books.

I like the fact that the author is a ship’s officer so he does definitely know how cruise ships work and when the passenger is tempted to spend more, possibly on items that would be best left alone. We all know that a cruise ship needs to make money, but we have already paid a decent price for the vacation, so these extra add ons are usually overpriced and not necessary. For this reason alone, the e book is a good purchase.

To summarize, I do think that the Intelligent Cruiser e book is a good product. If you are a beginner at cruising, I would certainly recommend it. If you have been on many cruises, then you probably know a lot of what is mentioned, but even so, some advice might even be new for you.

I hope this review was helpful.

Click Here to read more about the Intelligent Cruiser e book on their website

Tips and Tricks of the Cruising World

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Here are some cruise tips which I thought maybe useful:

Tipping – if you do it on the first day – (for example, your waiter and the room steward), then they will want you to get the best service as you have virtually ‘paid for it in advance’.

If you want coffee in your cabin I the morning, make sure to call room service the night before.
If you take with you all items you need – suntan lotion, hair gel, etc. you will be spared the extreme expense of buying such items on board.

If you have an outside cabin, bring along some plastic clothes pegs – you can use them to fix your wet bathing suits to the balcony chairs. That way, they won’t disappear at sea…

Taking an alarm clock makes sense but make sure you take one with illuminated dials so you can see the time in the night.

Take something to put your dirty clothes in – it can be a simple plastic bag or a laundry bag from the dollar store. You will need it.

You’ll probably be taking lots of pictures. You can either take your laptop in order to download your pictures as the memory card will fill up fast. Either that or buy extra memory chips but make sure you get them before you board as they’re bound to be more expensive on the actual cruise ship.

Get a copy of your passport and any other ID you might need on your trip. Take a copy with you and leave a copy with someone you trust at home.

Hope these tips were of help to you. The Intelligent Cruiser ebook has lots more tips and tricks to help you before and during your cruise.

Cruise Lines And Their Destinations

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Did you know just how many cruise lines there are? Quite a few to be sure. Some cruise lines specialize in one area. So you could assume that the Royal Caribbean cruise lines only sail to the Caribbean. This probably was once true but nowadays they cruise to Alaska, Europe and even Australia, just to name a few destinations. But with a name like Royal Caribbean, it is a good assumption that they are experts at cruising in the Caribbean.

Another cruise line would be the Norwegian Cruise Line but taking a closer look, it is not only cruising to Norway. In fact the cruise line has its main offices in Florida and it began operations as the Norwegian Caribbean Line.

The Princess Cruise Line gives little indication of destination ports. It actually goes to a whopping 330 destinations world wide.

Today information is king and you can research cruise lines and cruise liners to your heart’s content on the internet or simply visit a cruise travel agency.

The Intelligent Cruise ebook gives detailed information about how to book a cruise and even suggests methods to book a cruise for less or even free. Cruise tips and tricks are worth their weight in gold if you are serious about your cruising vacation.

About The Author of Intelligent Cruiser

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Hi Fellow Cruisers, Sandy here again,

I thought I could let you know more about the person who wrote The Intelligent Cruiser. Actually the author is a true “Insider” who was a ship’s officer working on a well known cruise line.

After ten years aboard he decided to quit and wrote a book about how people spend much more money than they possibly intended on board with extra services, etc. He convincingly educates ‘cruisers’ about tips and tricks to make their cruising more enjoyable. His aim is to save cruisers money and to educate them about the do’s and don’ts of cruising.

I thought it would be good to know some background about the author of Intelligent Cruiser e book, especially if he claims to be an expert.

The World Of Cruising

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Hey Sandy here,

Thanks for checking out my website which is dedicated to Intelligent Cruiser. I first started cruising when I was 21 when I went from England to New Zealand on a cruise ship. Much time has passed since then but I still love life on the sea. During this time I discovered myself that miraculously some passengers were automatically treated better than others and had more privileges too. So when I discovered the Intelligent Cruiser guide, I found some very good tips and tricks to make my next cruise even better. You will be able to read my review of the this eBook shortly – the good and the bad points.

The eBook has in fact been updated to be right on the money, so to speak. It is essentially a guide to give you helpful information and advice about cruising that not many people know about. In fact, this advice will work with any cruise line so regardless what line you are traveling with, you can be assured that this information is valid for you.